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Conceived this blog as a tool for helping me in the making of a portfolio and the divulgation of my own work, besides showing my journey through the paths of art. Here will be debated many musical topics, primarily those ones linked to Composing. I’ll talk about books, sheets, techniques and exercises, videos…. a wide gamma of materials.

I decided to design this blog as a trilingual “center”, because just in addition to communicate with people around the world, i’ll be training my proficiency in important languages for my profession – so the initial choice of Portuguese (my mother language), English and Russian – these are languages I have a good degree of proficiency and have great importance to music history. I plan to add another relevant languages later (like French and German), and some others that’d help in massive divulgation of the blog (Japanese, for example), but I still need a better fluency at those ones.

“After all, what’s a composer is for real?” it’s a question I hear frequently. The answer is obvious, he composes. But then always come questions about how this works. Surely, every musician ever heard jokes about his profession or passed through funny situations, like the typical question “But what do you do to earn money? I mean, as a profession…”. But the composer suffer this bully stronger, partly because the work is not so apparent to the public (rarely the composer is that virtuoso showman who is exhibiting himself on stage) and because there’s some confusion about the musical creating process. The vast majority (overwhelming even! Guess some 99%) believes that composing is only have an “inspiration”, sit down and write the sheet, so voilá!, a 5 hour opera rises from nothing in the paper. All beautiful, all perfect… but in real world isn’t this way.

Taking words of my friend also composer, Michael Machado:

First of all: Compose isn’t just only feeling, there are techniques, ie, it isn’t just close the eyes and wait the coming of an inspiration so boom! there go a composition!

Second: to compose I think it’s fundamental to know these tools:

  • Harmony – if you don’t know harmony WELL, there’s no way to compose something more refined, ‘cause everything depends on it!
  • Melody – there are some techniques that one can make million of variations on a single theme; if you got a phrase and aren’t being able to create more, here lies down your problem!
  • Phrasing – fundamental for the composer, because the phraseology study helps a lot in the construction of phrases! You’re gonna understand what is a period et cetera;
  • Morphology – here you study the musical forms. Very important, because what I most see today is guys playing some theme, improvising then backing to theme. Cool, but it’s only this? The impromptu is a composition, but it you create in real-time! If you can write down what you’ve played better!
  • Analysis – basic! To understand better composing, and any theory, you ought analyse music, hear with the score preferably! Analyze everything said up there!

Putting more fuel, I say that Perception is an important topic that composers must study. Perception of rhythms, intervals, harmonic progressions/cadences, quality of chords, orchestration effects et cetera. All of this much important to give possibilities for composer to express his own musical ideas, and facilitate the whole process – like composing without needing an instrument near. Each topic will be debated here, including quotes with fonts and materials for searching.

Well, that’s the blog proposal! I hope everyone enjoy, as much as I am!


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